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Latest projects

My latest attempt to reassess priorities has led me to commit to sticking to two projects for the next month or so: create a pictures-only chapbook/zine (I’ve realized they’re short enough that I should call them zines) associated with the month of June in my Evernostian year and get through CS50x, Harvard’s free online introduction […]

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Rereading Evernost, Outlining

Having finished my chapbook (!) I have this intoxicating feeling I could finish my entire Evernostian project–although it will likely take me years! And the process of creating this skinny little chapbook makes it so much more real to me. I am ready to pour a lot more love and time into the larger work […]


Of Winter, into Spring

Last year, I wrote the vast majority of one volume of Of Evernost in, maybe, two and a half weeks, and I was’t happy with it, which…was the plan. (It came out to 50,000 words counting a lot of previous writing pasted in, which is on the long side, as I hope to illustrate these extensively.) Going […]