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Absurd Almost-Humor: Wallace Stevens

I think — I am not sure, but I think — Wallace Stevens is one of my favorite poets, up there with Blake and Dickinson (a various lot!). Perhaps it is silly to have a favorite poet I can often understand only with help (when I get the help, though, it’s so exciting). And this […]

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Redbubble, Reading, Planned Next Posts

I’m back, ish. I fell behind on my reading and even further behind on my writing about it during quarantine (I got absorbed in fiction projects again). Still, I’ve read some good books, both virtuous and fun, and I hope to write a bit about what I’ve read as well as my projects. I left […]


Of Winter, into Spring

Last year, I wrote the vast majority of one volume of Of Evernost in, maybe, two and a half weeks, and I was’t happy with it, which…was the plan. (It came out to 50,000 words counting a lot of previous writing pasted in, which is on the long side, as I hope to illustrate these extensively.) Going […]