The Four Zoas: Night the First, Summary with Extensive Quotation

TL;DR A being who is part of William Blake and all people, Tharmas, takes in the wives/significant others and creations of other self-components. Tharmas’s own wife/SO Enion becomes jealous and kills them (at least, so we’re told later). Tharmas disintegrates and Enion tried to weave a covering for her sins, but a part of Tharmas […]


Sweet Desire, Theme and Variations

As you may recall from earlier on this blog or elsewhere, C.S. Lewis writes about sweet desire: a hunger that is better than any other fullness, a sensation of miserable longing so beautiful that one feels compelled to recapture it and fails. In lieu of a longer post tonight, I thought I’d share two excerpts […]

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A Different Face

O why was I born with a different face Why was I not born like the rest of my race When I look each one starts! when I speak I offend Then I’m silent & passive & lose every Friend Then my verse I dishonor. My pictures despise My person degrade and my temper chastise […]


Of Winter, into Spring

Last year, I wrote the vast majority of one volume of Of Evernost in, maybe, two and a half weeks, and I was’t happy with it, which…was the plan. (It came out to 50,000 words counting a lot of previous writing pasted in, which is on the long side, as I hope to illustrate these extensively.) Going […]


Wider Than the Sky?

The Brain — is wider than the Sky — For — put them side by side — The one the other will contain With ease — and You — beside — The Brain is deeper than the sea — For — hold them — Blue to Blue — The one the other will absorb — […]