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Elizabeth Ammons and Diana Wynne Jones

Today I bring tidings of two minor projects I’m working on as a result of the Grad School Bug: reading Elizabeth Ammons’ Brave New Words, a call for optimistic, inclusive, and activist teaching in the humanities, and writing an essay exploring the concepts of truth Diana Wynne Jones develops in four pivotal poems in her […]


Why I Am Not a Psychopath, or Meg Unwisely Attempts to Talk About Ethics

During high school, I loved to talk with my mother about whether C.S. Lewis had successfully proven that morality is valid the way axioms of mathematics are. I think we both thought not (as I recall, we were looking primarily at Mere Christianity and possibly The Abolition of Man) I was open to the possibility and strongly wanted […]

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A Different Face

O why was I born with a different face Why was I not born like the rest of my race When I look each one starts! when I speak I offend Then I’m silent & passive & lose every Friend Then my verse I dishonor. My pictures despise My person degrade and my temper chastise […]