My latest attempt to reassess priorities has led me to commit to sticking to two projects for the next month or so: create a pictures-only chapbook/zine (I’ve realized they’re short enough that I should call them zines) associated with the month of June in my Evernostian year and get through CS50x, Harvard’s free online introduction to computer science. It’s a great course, and I tried to complete it a couple years ago but failed because I got distracted.

So far I have a lady sitting under a cross between a tree and a waterfall:


and hand made of the night sky touching and causing to erupt in glory a human hand against the backdrop of the sky (not done yet):


Here are some images I might want to include as elements of the pieces in the zine:

  • rich skies, day and night
  • the sun, possibly anthropomorphic, like so:
    Sun Blake
  • “green world” images like the waterfall-tree, that is, images of the natural world, many inhabited by a pair of lovers
  • the Tree of Life, but in more impressionistic (or expressionistic) versions like the one above as opposed to this:
  • a storm of blossoms
  • rain
  • mist
  • mist lit by sun
  • rainbow
  • chains and hearts
  • a bird caged in cloud or light
  • styles contrasting Blake’s and Burke’s ideas of the sublime: clarity and obscurity
  • Images associated with my response to some Debussy
  • a lover sometimes made of darkness, sometimes of light, sometimes pure gold, sometimes nonexistent
  • eyes
  • wings
  • a monstrously beautiful or beautifully monstrous angelic being
  • a vast and intricate wheel
  • that wheel fallen in fragments on the grass

It’s a delight to get back into art, and I hope I can create enough images I find satisfying to make the zine.