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Jones, Truth, a Webcomic

Very late update: the Diana Wynne Jones essay I wanted to share is long and abstruse and editing it to be even plausibly a blog post got very frustrating. Instead, I will give you a tldr: In the first three poems, Jones charts out something like Western history’s ways of thinking about truth (absolutist & […]

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Almost Plagiarizing C.S. Lewis, Art

This past two weeks I’ve reread Letters to Malcolm: Chiefly on Prayer—I read it the first time in a public library, I think in high school—and finished C.S. Lewis’s narrative poems (I’d read Dymer and the Launcelot before but stalled out before The Nameless Isle and The Queen of Drum). A few notes from Letters […]

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Latest projects

My latest attempt to reassess priorities has led me to commit to sticking to two projects for the next month or so: create a pictures-only chapbook/zine (I’ve realized they’re short enough that I should call them zines) associated with the month of June in my Evernostian year and get through CS50x, Harvard’s free online introduction […]