Rain check on this blog post, likely hiatus

I’m too busy with other projects to finish the Ima Sirius-Kriddek blog post I began, and, thanks to the upcoming poetry class, this may remain the case through May. We’ll see, though. Thanks for any who’ve been reading me and see you this summer!

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Computer Issues—Full Post Tomorrow or Tuesday

Tomorrow, Dr. Ima Sirius-Kriddek will praise a poem composed just yesterday—she would have been working on this post for the past few hours, but her computer got impossibly slow, and so it’s not ready…. But let the poem itself (generated by this website) serve as a teaser: How happy is the wonderful friend! Does the friend […]

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The Return of Dr. Sirius-Kriddek

I’d planned to offer you a new “Something Old” today, but I am pleased to announce that I got an email out of the blue from Dr. Ima Sirius-Kriddek, who is, at last, ready to make at least one guest post. Most of you won’t remember Dr. Sirius-Kriddek, Unseen University’s eminent professor of literature, but […]

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Something Blue: Raindrops

Today we circle around to Something Blue, a poem I wrote that is unlikely to be published elsewhere. Today’s poem is from my self-published poetry zine Of Elsewhere: An Exoskeleton, and it depicts a shift toward spring. It came out in a rush (albeit with a bit of fun fiddling) a few years ago, and it has no […]


Something Borrowed: Thinking Without a License

There is no way to know everything. In today’s information-rich society, there is no way even to know everything that is known. My instincts (which are sometimes, I grant you, pessimistic) tell me there is no way even to form an intelligent-sounding opinion about (I would estimate) 90% of the things you have to have some opinion […]

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This Wasted Land, Ctd., + 2018 Reflections

First, I regret to admit that I have not gotten through Tom Bradley’s “chymical illuminations” of Mark Vincenz’s This Wasted Land, the even more hilarious and dextrous footnotes to the hilarious and dextrous post(post-post-post?)modern send-up of Eliot’s The Waste Land. (I started my review here.) I am not sure I have anything too useful to say about […]


Putting off Something New till next Sunday—winter story instead

I’ve had a busy week—working extra around the holiday to cover for coworkers’ travel, spending time with visiting family, etc.—and I haven’t gotten through my Something New post (the annotations to This Wasted Land). Instead, I’ll share a creepy winter short story. I shall tell you a story now. There is nothing I like so well as […]

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Something Old: Taliessin Through Logres

The second time through Charles Williams’ masterpiece Taliessin Through Logres, I find that I experience the poems as more difficult than I did the first time, in 2013. This is reassuring, because everyone says they are difficult, and I know that I can sometimes read too lightly to notice even when I’m failing to understand something […]

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Something Blue: Gray Skies

Today I bring you the next poem in Of Elsewhere: An Exoskeleton. It doesn’t have a title, but it riffs on “gray, the nothing color” from Colorless last month. It depicts the state of mind at the edge between winter and spring; I envision it describing a cold, cloudy, but rainless day. The snow may have melted, […]


Something Borrowed: Let Children Read What They Want

Working in the children’s section of a bookstore, I see a lot of adults with children, and I enjoy thinking about the dynamics of parenting and how best to do it. Today, for this cycle’s non-poetry post, I plan to talk about parents who keep a close rein on their children’s reading, which I tend […]