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Author Interview with Meradeth Houston

Meradeth and I have been friends and writing group buddies since 2012, and I feel incredibly lucky to know her and her writing. On top of being an anthropology professor, she’s published seven light fantasy/ sci-fi books with a lot of heart, sass, and action, most recently with Bleeding Ink Publishing, and she is generally […]

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So. I have my 240,000-word trilogy Of Evernost in a depressingly boring first draft. I have to keep reminding myself: it was supposed to be bad, it had to be bad if it was ever going to be done. I’ve revamped the structure in my head. I’m provisionally getting rid of two novellas (there were nine originally, three per volume) […]

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Poems and Index Cards and Williams Biography

This is a brief and heterogeneous update post. First, I am trying to put together a chapbook of poetry to submit to real publishers. Um. this is a challenge. And probably premature. But I’m trying it anyway. I may send out some individual poems to publishers as well. I am also trying to figure out […]