This is a brief and heterogeneous update post.

First, I am trying to put together a chapbook of poetry to submit to real publishers. Um. this is a challenge. And probably premature. But I’m trying it anyway. I may send out some individual poems to publishers as well.

I am also trying to figure out key world-building details about Evernost. This is frustrating; I don’t like world building, and I’m much more interested in characters and events and ideas and feelings than in even fairly basic facts about my world. But I need my story to be tolerably logical in the areas where logic is necessary.

In addition, I am trying to get a more cohesive picture of the idea-space my story occupies by reading through notes about it and making index cards (a series for themes, a series for symbols, a series for things I want to reread that will inspire me, a series for random bits of story or poetry that I want to work into the less linear parts, and a series for fairy tales about Evernost). This is really fun, and trying to weave it together into a more-cohesive whole or wholes is going to be a huge, exciting challenge, and trying to imbue my text with whatever I come up with is going to be real adventure….but this is my favorite thing that I’m doing right now.

Finally, I finished the Charles Williams biography. I enjoyed the whole book very much indeed and learned a lot about an interesting and somewhat peculiar figure—and came out liking Williams a great deal, despite a great deal of extramarital stuff, which says something for the biographer (Grevel Lindpop) and for Williams both. I feel considerably less dissatisfied with Lindpop’s treatment of Williams’s relationships now than I did early on, though I do feel that in the early part of the book Lindpop was a touch more negative than the evidence he presented justified (perhaps Lindpop was trying to explain, in some measure justify, or set the stage for aforementioned extramarital stuff, or perhaps he had more information that he was not sharing).

As mentioned, my Evernost manuscript is wrapped up with a bow on it under the Norfolk Island pine that serves as a Christmas tree. I won’t actually start reading and rewriting till Christmas itself. Can’t wait.

Otherwise, too, life is good.