Evernost Complete!!!

Well, the title is something of an overstatement. I am not convinced that either Evernost the imaginary place or Evernost the real writing project will ever be complete. There is poetry to be written and illustrations to be created and new plots to explore and innumerable whatchamacallits off to the side. What is complete is a very rough draft of a trilogy containing the plot that has been a major preoccupation of mine for the past twelve years.

I’ve written 120,000 words in the past three months and 240,000 since 2006. It may not stay a trilogy (parts of it bore me ; parts of it want to be about twice as long as they are now; I am guessing that, altogether, it wants to expand more than it wants to contract, but only further thought and reading will tell.)

All the same, this is the Christmas present I promised myself, and now the manuscript is physically wrapped and under the Norfolk Island pine that serves me as a Christmas tree. Come Christmas I’ll open it, read it, and try to figure out the largest structural edits I need.

This year has been full of accomplishments, large and small, for which I am delighted and grateful.


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