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2022, a Year (Relatively) Lost to Social Media

I have tried and failed to come back to regular blogging so many times it’s getting embarrassing. But persistence (especially against one’s own flakiness) is worthy, and so — in time for the new year — I hope to make another push to write every week. In the meantime, I would like to talk a […]

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As Promised, NEWS — a New Self-Pub — and Self-Publishing in General

For those curious about the general sort of thing I envision Evernost becoming, I offer Four Zines of Elsewhere: an ebook on Amazon (paperback coming soon, I hope!). Here’s the link. Over the past few years, I’ve put together these little hand-sewn zines (if that’s the right word; it seems imperfect, but a lot closer […]


And I’m Back! Summer News

First, I enjoyed the poetry workshop a huge amount, and I’ve learned a lot, and, possibly even more important, I was motivated to work very hard on poems with a definite audience in mind: the process of trying to translate what I like to write about into something that other people will like too, the […]


Something Blue: Colorless

Today I’ll share something of mine that I doubt could get published elsewhere, this one because it’s already (self-)published in my chapbook Of Elsewhere: An Exoskeleton, which you can buy on Kindle here for $0.99 (I hope you can excuse the plug, which I will make every time I circle back to “something blue”; the advantage of the […]

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The Frame Ends and the World Begins

Hello! I took a bit of time off work to do Evernost rewrite/revision, and while I wasn’t as productive as I’d hoped to be, I at least hit a major milestone. And I came up with an experimental strategy for revising: turning the prose into poetry and back again. In theory, it will help me […]

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So. I have my 240,000-word trilogy Of Evernost in a depressingly boring first draft. I have to keep reminding myself: it was supposed to be bad, it had to be bad if it was ever going to be done. I’ve revamped the structure in my head. I’m provisionally getting rid of two novellas (there were nine originally, three per volume) […]

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Dante, John Gardner, Revising Evernost

Last things first: I am revising Evernost-the-novel (as opposed to Evernost-the-compilation-of-poetry-and-pictures, which will take much longer to mature). This is very exciting and somewhat exhausting. Sometimes to encourage myself along the way writing I’ll pick up a random or near-random book on writing. Today’s was John Gardner’s On Becoming a Novelist. I read his The Art of […]

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Summer Snares: Setting Creative Priorities

I have a lot of balls in the air right now. Grad School Bug is almost but not quite dead, but I’ve written this 20-some page paper on Diana Wynne Jones that I want to try to edit and publish. Unfortunately,  I can’t motivate myself to work on it anymore now that it’s preliminarily done. […]

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Faltering, Aliens, The Poem Is You, Evernost

The grad school bug is waning. This because I remembered viscerally rather than intellectually that Evernost needs all the time I can give it and then some (it is a long, potentially extremely long, poem with bits of prose that are almost prose poetry, and I want to illustrate it copiously, so….), and I want […]

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Outsider Art and Me

My mom was a volunteer docent at a contemporary art museum when I was growing up, which meant I was exposed early and often to a lot of interesting art, including at least one exhibit of outsider art that really, really grabbed me. Since then, I’ve been strongly attracted to outsider art, both the strange, […]