And I’m Back! Summer News

First, I enjoyed the poetry workshop a huge amount, and I’ve learned a lot, and, possibly even more important, I was motivated to work very hard on poems with a definite audience in mind: the process of trying to translate what I like to write about into something that other people will like too, the […]

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Thoughts on Publishing

We all know it’s hard to get published. My intermittent efforts show this (I am, as of August, trying to submit poems every month—haven’t submitted any for October yet but preparing), and the process has been very tough on many of my friends who’ve been through it more than I have. I think this is […]

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News, Blues, and SQUIRRELS

I mentioned earlier that an agent requested my manuscript Pet. Last Tuesday, she turned it down in a kind and personal way. I am disappointed but grateful for and pleased by her kindness. I’m also a little relieved. I’m growing increasingly dissatisfied with Pet itself. I’m doubtful about the quality of the verse; I am definitely interested […]