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Thoughts on Publishing

We all know it’s hard to get published. My intermittent efforts show this (I am, as of August, trying to submit poems every month—haven’t submitted any for October yet but preparing), and the process has been very tough on many of my friends who’ve been through it more than I have. I think this is […]

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Outsider Art and Me

My mom was a volunteer docent at a contemporary art museum when I was growing up, which meant I was exposed early and often to a lot of interesting art, including at least one exhibit of outsider art that really, really grabbed me. Since then, I’ve been strongly attracted to outsider art, both the strange, […]


The Artist’s Way: Book Review

I enjoy reading the odd book about creativity, art, and writing—the more inspirational and romantic (as opposed to inclined to reduce everything to craft) the better. I’ve been curious about Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way for a long time, so I checked it out from a local library, and I’ve now read all but the appendix.  […]


Duessa, Part 4 of 12

This is the fourth installment of Duessa, a 12,000-word allegory (of sorts). I’m posting a new installment on each of the twelve days of Christmas, wrapping up on January 5th. See the previous three here. When she opened her eyes she was facing the same way, looking at the same reflections of reflections, backs and fronts, […]


Creativity Rocks. Period.

I had a world-class college professor who gave up on her ambitions to write poetry because she didn’t think it was worth producing inferior material. She is so brilliant that I have no doubt her poetry was brilliant as well, and I also don’t think she’s Keats or Wallace Stevens. If she were she would know. […]