Unsatisfying Fairy Tale

Among other Evernostian projects, I am trying to write myths and fairy tales about Evernost, or elsewhere.

So far, I’ve mostly been reading and taking notes — Grimm’s Fairy Tales and tales of /meditations on goddesses from a book I picked up as a kid. I have a section on Stories, a section on Morals, and a section on Motifs, and I hope to pick up the especially resonant ones and remix them into stories of my own.

However, I did produce one unsatisfying tale:

Once upon a time there was a story. It aspired to be a fairy tale, but it was very bad. In fact, it was so bad it did not even know how it began.  Bad or not, it straggled on for a few words, and then several more, and then several more, and so on, until eventually it stretched a total of four sentences. At this point it took a brief hiatus, in which it reflected, first of all, upon its own inadequacy, fully aware it was deeply derivative, drawing inspiration especially from “This is the title of this story, which is also found several times in the story itself.” In hopes of redeeming itself, it contemplated incorporating events and ideas and personages of various sorts into its sentences. It was especially fond of roguish underdogs like the Brave Little Tailor, who swindled their way into the princess’s bed. However, it did not reach its goal of knitting such individuals, or any content at all, into a narrative. On account of this, it fancied itself a rogue and an underdog. However, it is unclear whether it fooled anyone into believing it was a story, and its own uncertainty regarding this seemed — while unnerving — also highly amusing and satisfying, given a tendency of the sillier sort of fairy tale to embrace uncertainty and the absurd.

– Me

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