Evernost writing

2023 Goals

I have put off writing this post because I’m feeling pretty unsure about all of this. But it’s good both to have goals and to hold them lightly, and in the interests of saying something and getting my thoughts out there and enacting my conviction that it’s good to have goals without insisting on them tyranically —

My first goal, and experience suggests it will require willpower, is NOT to rush any publication or submission of anything longer than a poem. This is a year of waiting. But it is also a year of preparing and creating. There may be one (1) exception I hope for (at the very end of the year). More on that in a moment.

One of several ways Evernost is organized is, as I have mentioned, according to the months of the year (English-speaking, northern-hemisphere months, I grant, because that’s the language, literal and symbolic, my brain speaks; perhaps alternate Years will emerge later).

I want to self-publish four very different smallish Evernostian books next year, probably using KDP: one in and for January, one in and for April, one in and for July, and one in and for October.

And I want to write said books this year, where by write I mean write / rewrite/compile/edit/illustrate/design, that is to say. I have a ton of raw material, though I need more.

What’s more, I am fitfully feeling that I need to work on a full-length and publishable novel-like creation. I feel — very reluctant. It needs, at the very least, to embrace strangeness. I would love (though I can feel it will be very hard to do any such thing in a way I find convincing) to make this longer-form work from the timeless perspective of Evernost, not a straightforward novel narrating either Jenny or Jennie from an earthly perspective.

As if this weren’t enough, I also want to create digital content for January and possibly July.

I’m not sure I’ll manage all of this. But I want to try.

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