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2023 Goals

I have put off writing this post because I’m feeling pretty unsure about all of this. But it’s good both to have goals and to hold them lightly, and in the interests of saying something and getting my thoughts out there and enacting my conviction that it’s good to have goals without insisting on them […]


I kind of, deep down inside, want a lit PhD. I mostly don’t, and, as a result, I don’t, you know, have one. But the undead body of a desire for a lit PhD keeps clawing itself out of its grave, and this time my main reason for wanting one is: I want to write […]


Writing Marathon

This is going to be another short and boring post, and I have a good reason: I’m trying to plow through a relatively bare-bones prose rendition of Evernost’s plot by Christmas or earlier.  It’s supposed to be quick and bad, like the spring section of Evernost that I completed last summer. At present I have […]