Writing Marathon

This is going to be another short and boring post, and I have a good reason: I’m trying to plow through a relatively bare-bones prose rendition of Evernost’s plot by Christmas or earlier.  It’s supposed to be quick and bad, like the spring section of Evernost that I completed last summer.

At present I have almost 140,000 words of the stuff (it seems said bare-bones plot alone encompasses multiple books), comprising maybe 3/5 of the plot I want to describe in some detail. Some dates from ~12 years ago, and some I’ve completed over the past few years. I’ve already written 16,000 words on my first week of this particular writing spree and would like that to be more or less the writing rate I achieve, though I know it won’t last too long, so my real goal is to average half that.

Then I’ll have a skeleton (or, as I said earlier, an underpainting) to deepen and embellish with poems and digressions and stream-of-consciousness and pictures and, perhaps, at last, intermix with more allegorical plots and material that follows the cycle of the seasons. There’s a fair chance the final product will be incomprehensible, but this particular piece of writing is for love and not money.

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