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MacDonald and Moseman—Reading and Writing

I finished George MacDonald’s The Wise Woman and Other Stories, in which I read only the Other Stories, because I already know The Wise Woman well and don’t have the bug to reread it right now. I found “Little Daylight” rather lovely and expressive but also a bit slight for my taste. “Cross Purposes” was fun but pretty silly […]


George MacDonald Fairy Tales

I started reading George MacDonald in high school, at C.S. Lewis’s recommendation. My first George MacDonald was, if I remember correctly, “The Golden Key,” a lovely story about a boy and girl who enter fairy land to go on a quest and find as they near the end that they have lived their entire lives […]


Sick, Query Letters Sent

I’ve sent out my first round of query letters for Pet and received my first two (gracious, thoughtfully written) form rejections. If my experience is at all the norm, there are quite a few of those waiting for me ;). Otherwise? I’m editing the adult romance novella I mentioned earlier and still hoping to submit it by […]