Sick, Query Letters Sent

I’ve sent out my first round of query letters for Pet and received my first two (gracious, thoughtfully written) form rejections. If my experience is at all the norm, there are quite a few of those waiting for me ;).

Otherwise? I’m editing the adult romance novella I mentioned earlier and still hoping to submit it by Valentine’s Day. I seem to be reading books with a fairy tale theme, so I may post something about them soon.

I’m sick with some kind of gut bug today, so I’m going to keep it simple, but I’ll end with a quotation from George MacDonald’s Lilith:

“‘If I know nothing of my own garret,’ I thought, ‘what is there to secure me against my own brain?  Can I tell what it is even now generating? — what thought it may present me the next moment, the next month, or a year away?  What is at the heart of my brain?  What is behind my THINK? Am I there at all? — Who, what am I?'”

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