I hope, at least, to get back on track with this blog in the New Year, if not sooner. In the meantime, I’ve been writing away at Of Evernost, though rather more slowly than before, and I’ve also been giving myself a crash course in poetry. This involves:

  1. Taking an actual, free poetry class.
  2. Trying to read poetry for an hour a day.
  3. Trying to write poetry for an hour a day.

This has not gone perfectly, but I do think I may be learning. I’m reading roughly one poet at a time. My ranking of the poets I’ve read so far, according to my questionable taste and not just what I know I’m supposed to think, runs about like so: Yeats wins, E. E. Cummings comes in next, and Auden and Adrienne Rich are tied for third place…with Charles Williams, whom I wasn’t supposed to read until Christmas (supposed to be a reward), hovering around Yeats (!). Williams’s Taliessin Through Logres is, at least, what I’ve found most compulsively readable of the lot, but I suspect personal affection plays a large role in this. I’m just starting A.E. Stallings’s Olives, too; I’m curious about contemporary poetry in form—because I think there’s a good chance form is what I do best. I may write my thoughts on her work soon.

Finally, saving the best for last, Heroic Fantasy Quarterly has posted its 34th issue…containing my poem “The Great Poet Emperor”! Check it out here! (Their main website is here.) This is my first published creative writing, so I am delighted.