I just read a $1 Dover Thrift Edition of some of Shelley’s poetry (a lot of good writing for not very much!) and concluded that sometimes I’m in the mood for Shelley and sometimes I’m not. His language often, not always, feels diffuse by today’s standards—more redundancy or empty or lazy words like “sweet.”  I […]

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It’s like living in a clam, the sky is mother-of-pearl, bubbled rainbow relief, dizzy blue depthless depth of metaphor. The sky is light. My father once said that, since I was a writer and all, that he wanted to hear how I would describe a strange and glorious sky. Typically, I could think of nothing […]

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Snaring the Moon

One night in high school, my father and I took a walk along the railroad tracks in moonlight and then lay down to look at the stars. I have had most of my powerful experiences of nature in the presence of my father, and tonight was no exception. I looked up at the sky, saw […]