Ima Sirius-Kriddek

Computer Issues—Full Post Tomorrow or Tuesday

Tomorrow, Dr. Ima Sirius-Kriddek will praise a poem composed just yesterday—she would have been working on this post for the past few hours, but her computer got impossibly slow, and so it’s not ready…. But let the poem itself (generated by this website) serve as a teaser: How happy is the wonderful friend! Does the friend […]

poetry reading

The Return of Dr. Sirius-Kriddek

I’d planned to offer you a new “Something Old” today, but I am pleased to announce that I got an email out of the blue from Dr. Ima Sirius-Kriddek, who is, at last, ready to make at least one guest post. Most of you won’t remember Dr. Sirius-Kriddek, Unseen University’s eminent professor of literature, but […]


An Experiment in Canon Formation

Literary quality is a concept I’m conflicted about. When I played the oboe in high school, I struggled to manipulate tempo, dynamics, and vibrato in a way that was expressive but convincing. I came to the conclusion that there were an infinity of right ways to play a phrase but a much larger infinity of wrong […]