I’ve been too distracted by other projects to want to blog lately.

Evernost continues to evolve, with excitement and sometimes drama.  For a long time I’ve vaguely wanted to write myself into it as a lying narrator and alter-ego of a major character or two. So I’m trying to write a coherent or semi-coherent account of my life to date as a starting point for this (a very limited amount of this will find its way into the final product, I trust, and much of that distorted beyond recognition—I did say lying). I tell myself that this is not merely weird and self-indulgent but, at the least, an interesting creative exercise that will bring up more  material for me generally.

As perhaps an offshoot of this (or, perhaps, its own project) I’ve decided to translate my college journal into poetry—this is great fun and an interesting way to explore more realistic, earthbound themes in my poems, which I’d like at least to be able to do, though I hope I’ll do a lot more than that. It’s a lot easier—well, not to work on exactly but to want to work on (fuss with, perfect)—than the autobiographical prose.

I’m checking out more contemporary poetry and looking for places to submit poems.

Finally, I’m reading a biography of Marina Tsvetaeva, the great Russian poet, and checking out her poetry in facing-page translation. For me I think that’s about the perfect way to read in a second language. She led a dreadfully difficult life and was, on top of it, herself a rather difficult person, but in interesting ways.