Another Quick, Boring One + Fluffiest Wildcat Ever

Today was a good day—beloved visitor in town, goal accomplished, meeting with friends in ten minutes—but I didn’t get a chance to write much of a blog post, so this will have to do.

The accomplishment is the relevant part of all this: I finished my (theoretically eventually) publishable Diana Wynne Jones essay, minus some citations and a lot of revision. It’s ~7,600 words (22ish double-spaced pages) and took me almost exactly the two  weeks I’d hoped it would. It’s the first academic writing I’ve completed since college.

In lieu of anything more interesting, I will encourage my readers to look up Pallas’s cats online and share this silly poem about them:

The Most Expressive Cat on the Internet


is not

a tame cat.


Do not mistake her

for your Persian or Angora,

even though


most of her

is thick,

soft fur.


That fur is not for cuddling.

It is for surviving

the steppes of Central Asia.

In lower climes

she will die.


Her kind are few

and solitary. The kittens


Apologies for the bad spacing—I’m doing this from my phone.

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