I’ve wanted a public blog for a long time and never brought myself to start one, but as an aspiring writer, I’m encouraged to build an online presence, so I’ve decided it’s high time.

I think I’ll start by listing some of the things you’ll read about here:

  1. I’ve been a science fiction and fantasy writer since I started tapping out Animorphs fanfiction at the age of eight. I love and write fiction for many ages. I plan to write about the writing process here as well as posting fragments, poems, teasers, and outtakes from larger projects.
  2. I’m an artist. I dream of illustrating a few of my own books someday (more on that later), and so a lot of my art is related to my writing. I’ll share some of that with you too.
  3. I like to read. Weirdly, not as much as I did as a kid (I write and paint instead), but enough that I’ll still blog about other people’s books ;), both old favorites and new discoveries.
  4. I work in an independent bookstore, which gives me an interesting (if sometimes depressing) perspective on my aspirations. So I’ll talk about that, perhaps share the occasional funny story.
  5. I like thinking about different things. I will sometimes post the results of this questionable process.
  6. I keep a commonplace book (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commonplace_book) . I may post quotations that are out of copyright on weeks I do not have the energy to write much.
  7. I will sometimes talk about the rest of my life. Yay, life!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you find something to enjoy or think about here. Please say hi in the comments if you feel like it!