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I dream with open eyes and others see my dreams. That is all.

Of Evernost

Of Evernost is my favorite work in progress. I suspect it will be in progress for years to come. I hope you enjoy the excerpts I share here and on my blog.

Jennie is Everywoman. She may be at various times: a miserable and lonely old woman, an awestruck little girl, a mystic seeking the love of an inscrutable God, a variety of people who may or may not be aspects of her personality, and the laughingstock of a malicious personification of a dead universe incapable of loving anyone.

Meanwhile, Evernost, in the broadest sense, is everything that is. In a narrower sense, it is the confluence of that everything. In a yet narrower sense, it is the varying faces that confluence wears to humans. Our universe traps us, so that our only access to the rest of Evernost is intellectual. That which we dream, imagine, invent, deduce, or suppose exists in Evernost, along with infinitely more that we could not imagine however we tried. 

Jennie has a dull enough life in our world, but she finds (or imagines or creates) herself in Evernost as the object of its strangest and most terrible care. Not because she’s special. Not because she deserves it. Because the stone that the builder rejected is the corner stone. Because the least of us deserves more than the universe as we know it has to offer. Or perhaps just because she wants Evernost very much indeed.

Here are further thoughts on what Evernost is and what it is to try (and fail) to understand it.

Are these two explorations too abstract for you? Here are a few traveler’s tales from Evernost: Firebirds, Stars, and the Tree of Life. Don’t take the tales too seriously. Even the singlest, simplest object in Evernost is something different to everyone who encounters it.

Or perhaps all of these glimpses of Evernost are too literal in their abstraction or fantastic approach, and, as a result, it is too hard to get from them to lived experience. If that’s so, try these poems, which, though abstract and fantastical themselves, might strike a bit closer to home.

I’ve enjoyed starting down the path to Evernost and hope that you like taking these beginning steps with me.


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