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Something Blue: Raindrops

Today we circle around to Something Blue, a poem I wrote that is unlikely to be published elsewhere. Today’s poem is from my self-published poetry zine Of Elsewhere: An Exoskeleton, and it depicts a shift toward spring. It came out in a rush (albeit with a bit of fun fiddling) a few years ago, and it has no title.

dripadrop down!
slips on green
to earth's black slow
growth asleep and
a gray bird saw
cold beads slip down

As a seasonal poem, it’s a bit premature, which leads me to my second piece of news: I will for a time abandon the poetry project because it takes a fair bit of reading, and I’m going to be taking a full-fledged online poetry class and want to give myself enough time to do the classwork on top of my job.

I do not know if I’ll abandon the blog in its entirety during this period. If I do, I will be back in May. If not, I’ll just post the way I used to, about whatever strikes my fancy. Thanks for reading!

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